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At Liman Post & Beam, we know that constructing a new outbuilding is a big decision. So why are we so confident that a post frame building is the right choice for you?


Post frame buildings are relatively quick and easy to construct – perfect if time is not on your side. Due to the large size of the framing members, fewer members are needed to complete the building, which means it will be finished sooner.


Because post frame construction is quick and efficient, it is cost effective as well. Fewer (though definitely stronger and larger) beams and posts result in decreased material expenses. Because there are fewer framing members needing to be put up, there are less labor costs. Moreover, wood beams are almost always less expensive than brick, steel, or concrete blocks.


Post frame buildings are stronger than conventional buildings. Posts are buried into the ground or a concrete foundation for structural support, and horizontal beams connect to the posts to create a box-like structure that is incredibly stable and wind resistant. When the roof trusses are then attached to the post frame, it becomes almost impossible for the roof to be blown off, even in the severest weather.


Post frame buildings offer greater flexibility when it comes to utility needs . Because of the strength of the structural design, there are no supporting walls needed, which gives you the ability to use the wide-open interior space in a way that best suits your needs.


Planning a Post- Frame: Where to Start?
At Liman Post & Beam, we know that the difficulty often lies in the details, and sometimes, it’s hard to know where to start. To make sure that your project goes as smoothly as you have hoped, at Liman Post & Beam, we have experienced contractors waiting to help you with the entire planning process, from start to finish. Not only are we here to answer any questions you may have, but we will also walk you through the confusing permit application process. Our engineers are more than happy to help you design a post-frame building suitable to your needs and property layout. No more agonizing over what to do next, or how to do it. All of us at Liman Post & Beam are here to get you through the construction process as quickly and smoothly as possible.



At Liman Post & Beam, we take pride in making sure our customers get the exceptional quality and service they deserve. With our top of the line products, 90 years of service, and our dedication to our customer understanding, you can be sure that with Liman Post & Beam you’re in good hands.


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